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 Introducing The New Xbox One

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The countdown to the release of Xbox One is one loaded with eagerness for some and skepticism for others. With the specs and fundamental features already released, many gamers who have pre-ordered the console simply feel that the release should have been yesterday. The new console has taken gaming into a higher domain through a blend of amazing features, including cloud computing, expanded Xbox Live service, automatic recording and sharing of video highlights from game-play, a fully incorporated support for streaming game-play online and the running of video and sound for the games at 4K resolution output.

With the combination of GPU, CPU, eSRAM and SmartGlass in Xbox One, the user gets a super living room gaming computer that operates Windows RT, Windows Phone smartphones and Windows 8 tablets. The inclusion of the more innovative Kinect 2 allows multitasking of music, Skype, video and internet explorer, linkage to HDMI-CEC and IR blaster for live TV programs, and generation of voice commands makes gaming full of fun and pleasure. The new Xbox One has not only included thrilling games but also a thrilling way and platform to play them for a fuller, rapturous experience.

So, is Xbox One any better than Xbox 360? Are there compelling reasons to cross over? What about PS4? Is Xbox One offering an inferior gaming experience to that offered by PS4? Are the entertainment features of Xbox One serving to diminish its gaming value? Read on to find answers to these and many other questions. ¬†Cont’d..

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